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Natural ingredients

naturally derived

naturally derived formulas, made with love


Naturally derived means our formulas for conditioners, including water, are made up of at least 97% of naturally derived content.


Naturally derived means our formulas for shampoos, including water, is made up of at least 92% of naturally derived content, making them gently nourishing and packed with goodness.

body lotion

Our formulas for body lotion, including water, are made up of at least 95% naturally derived content.

We <3 natural beauty, but what does “naturally derived” mean

Here’s the thing. Beauty products are often plastered with claims that do not have a clear definition. “Naturally derived” being one of them. In short? A “natural ingredient” is one that still reflects its natural structure but may have gone through physical processing (such as water extraction or heating) to be used in a product.


We at Love Beauty and Planet use a reputable international standard which defines an ingredient as “naturally derived” if it’s unchanged from its natural state or has a natural source and undergone some processing but retains greater than 50% of its original natural structure. Ahhh, got it.

if you don’t see a “naturally derived” label

But, not to fret…we are diligently hard at work to get all our “Naturally Derived” percentages up across the portfolio. If you don’t see a “Naturally Derived” label on your favorite product it doesn’t mean they don’t contain naturally derived content. It simply means we aren’t yet able to showcase those percentages on those specific products in question.

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