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Coconut pieces and leaves

coconut water

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    Coconut Leaf

    Yes it’s called The Dew from the Heavens

    Called “neolani” or “dew from heavens” by native Hawaiians, coconut water is a supremely refreshing thirst quencher that is tapped from young green coconuts. A staple of tropical nations for centuries, coconut water has surged in recent years to become the epitome of a modern, healthy lifestyle (we even have some in our fridge).

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    Hand cutting open a coconut

    A Filipino Gem

    While most of the coconut water we drink comes from coconuts that fall along sandy shores around the Pacific, we source our nutritious coconut water from small, sustainable farms in the Phillippines where we work to offer extra training and support for our harvesters.

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    Open coconut with water visible

    So Refreshing

    A supremely refreshing and rehydrating ingredient, coconut water is high in naturally occuring electrolytes, anti-oxidants and nutrients that help replenish and reviatlize your skin and scalp without weighing hair down.

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