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tea tree oil and vetiver

tea tree oil & vetiver

LBP - About the collection

You work hard and so does your body. Our purifying collection with Australian Tea Tree Oil & Haitian Vetiver offers a deep, satisfying sigh of relief and care for your hair and skin.

LBP - Tea Tree Oil

Tea trees are shrubs that grow in harsh climates like Eastern Australia, which happens to be the source of tea tree oil. Our formulas, made with tea tree oil, give hair and skin an effective and gentle detox.

LBP - Vetiver

Vetiver grows all around the world, but the vetiver in Haiti, where we get this admirable essential oil from, is considered by perfumers to be pure and balanced because of its distinct woody dry fragrance with earthy, smoky, and nut inflections. Vetiver comes from the root of the plant and is harvested from January to July. Its delicate sultry fragrance is achieved through a sophisticated steam distillation process.