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Argan nuts

argan oil

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    Hand holding argan nuts

    The 411 on argan oil

    Don’t let dryness hold you back. When your body or hair needs a moisture boost, treat yourself to our formulas blended with luxurious Moroccan argan oil. Our formulas made with this argan oil will leave your skin and hair feeling hydrated and renewed.

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    Pot for making argan oil

    A desert dream

    Nobody knows dryness like the Sahara, which happens to be where Argan trees grow. Our sustainably sourced argan oil is harvested from West Morocco where the local people cherish the trees. The argan nuts are hand crushed to retrieve the argan seeds that are then used to extract the golden oil. We source our golden argan oil from sources who obtain this oil through a women’s co-operative with the Berber women of the area.

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    Argan nuts

    Argan oil is simply amazing #humblebrag

    Our formulas, made with Moroccan argan oil, help your skin and hair when they feel like a desert. Discover a refreshing and nourishing oasis with our collections.

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