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All the rage for all the best reasons, virgin and organic coconut oil evokes a refreshing tropical vacation-like feeling. We have added it in the base of all our products. These formulas blended with coconut oil, hydrate and replenish without the added weight or grease.

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Coconut Pieces

coconut oil

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    Several open coconuts

    The tree of life.

    Our virgin and organic coconut oil comes from the Philippines where the locals refer to the coconut palm as the “tree of life” due to its many uses in food, health, and beauty products. While the uses are endless, we added it in our conditioners to moisturize your scalp.

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    Person cutting open a coconut

    For coconut oil, keep it local.

    Through our partners, all the coconut oil we source comes from local farmers in the Philippines. The ideal way to harvest this oil is when these farmers gather each fruit and press the flesh only once to extract the virgin oil at its highest point of quality.

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    Coconut with glass of coconut oil

    What’s so good about coconut oil?

    So much- you would know, it’s everywhere and for all the right reasons. You would have noticed coconut oil all over the beauty aisle too. Our formulas, with virgin coconut oil, nourishes hair with moisture.

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