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Turmeric flower


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    Turmeric powder

    Golden Spice

    The affectionate nickname given to the gloriously vibrant Turmeric Root. It’s a majestic yellow-orange color so rich, that it’s traditionally applied onto the skin of Indian brides and grooms, for the radiant glow it leaves.

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    Turmeric root

    A shining ray of light

    Used as a therapeutic herb in Ayurveda, earthy, wonder-working Turmeric is used in cooking, medicine and even beauty rituals all over the world. Known to be rich in skin-loving antioxidants, the ancient Turmeric herb is celebrated for the way it brightens lackluster complexions with a sublimely healthy radiance.

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    Turmeric powder

    From India, with love

    Found deep-down in the earthy soils of the Indian subcontinent, Turmeric Root comes from the leafy Curcuma Longa plant and we’re so in love with its wholesome, skin-brightening ways. So much so, that we’ve infused our luscious products with this miracle herb, which leaves your skin and hair lustrous with radiance and feeling oh-so-soft.

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