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Each of our fragrances is made with a precious essential oil or absolute, ethically sourced from different parts of the world. Our fragrances, crafted and perfected by experienced perfumers, invigorate your senses leaving you refreshed and hopefully delighted.

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join the movement

LBP - Join the movement

big change starts small.

At Love Beauty and Planet, we know it's not easy to help save the planet and look amazing, but we’re sure going to try. Here are three simple ways you can make a difference every day.

bottle of conditioner in front of roses

first up: shower. really.

When we started, we made lots of tremendous little choices so you wouldn’t have to choose between looking beautiful and loving the planet. Choices like making virgin and organic coconut oil as the base of our collections, developing the first fast-rinse conditioner technology, and becoming one of a few businesses to use 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. As for our amazing-smelling fragrances, they contain ethically sourced essential oils and absolutes. And the naturally sourced ingredients in our formulas are harvested responsibly.


tote bag of groceries

second: daily small acts of love

There are lots of little ways you can show a little love to the planet without breaking a sweat (well, most of the time). We’re talking about simple acts like reducing waste, car sharing, recycling, turning off the tap when you brush or riding your bike to work.

Ashoka Changemaker Alexa Green

third: get involved

We’re teaming up with some remarkable people who are working hard to restore balance and beauty to the planet through their small acts. Check out our tribe of changemakers, and discover how you can help by spreading the word, donating, and volunteering.

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