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so what is argan oil?


so what is coconut oil?

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    The tree of life.

    Our sustainbly-sourced coconut oil comes from the Philippines where the locals refer to the coconut palm as the “tree of life” due to its many uses in food, health, beauty and as a super hydrator. While the uses are endless, we adore it as a natural way to moisturize your scalp and hydrate your skin. 

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    For coconut oil, keep it local. 

    All of our coconut oil comes from 250 local farmers in the Philipenes — all paid above the national wage — who carefully harvest each fruit and press the flesh only once to extract the virgin oil at its highest point of quality.

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    What’s so good about coconut oil?

    So much. You might notice coconut oil all over the beauty aisle That’s because it’s known to be one of nature’s best moisturizes, which helps to nourish your scalp and skin so you can feel renewed and refreshed. 

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