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hair that’s full of life

If you love hair that has bounce and attitude, you’ll love our volume-enhancing collection. This range, infused with coconut water, helps deliver the strength and volume your strands need to crush flat hair and achieve lush, bountiful volume with the sweet scent of ethically-sourced Moroccan mimosa flower oil.

coconut water & mimosa flower

Sounds like brunch, right? Trust us, it’s just as good. We’ve infused coconut water, known as a lightweight moisturiser, into blends that help keep hair strong and full of bounce, so you can wear your favourite hairstyle with pizzazz. The fresh and delicious absolute of honey-scented mimosa flower further enhances the experience, leading to one delightful shower.

Coconut water

Ingredient Stories

coconut water

From beach vacations to your shower, coconut water, widely known for its hydrating properties, is trickling into everything. Our formulas, infused with coconut water, help revitalize and replenish your skin and hair without feeling heavy or greasy.