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murumuru butter and rose

murumuru butter & rose

Here's a go-to for keeping colored hair vibrant, your skin smooth and supple. Our formulas with Amazonian murumuru butter are known to nourish, and moisturize dry or color-treated hair and give a vibrant shine. As an ingredient in our deodorants, it helps protect you from odor. In our body butters, it helps nourish dry skin. Soak your skin in moisture and the delicate scent of handpicked Bulgarian rose while you experience a fragrant juicy kiss of nature that lasts.

Not only is murumuru fun to say, it's also known to be fabulous for your hair and skin. So, we decided to infuse this ingredient in our formulas. Sourced from the Amazon and known as the 'lungs of our planet,' this fruit grows on the murumuru palms in swamps or very damp soils. This butter is derived from the seeds.

Florals are everything. And when it comes to scents, rose is one of our favorites. Our ethically harvested Bulgarian roses are hand-picked in the morning and quickly processed to capture the purest, rosy notes that exude a rich and warm floral scent with undertones of honey. These roses come from the rose valley in Bulgaria and are from the Rosa damascene variety that grow primarily from May to June.