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woman with flower


Stay effortlessly protected from sweat and odour with the most gorgeously scented deodorant. Our roll-on deodorants are lovingly infused with ethical extracts to keep you smelling fresh and fragrant, no matter what the day throws your way. Simply breath innn, and out – ahhh. We’ve totally got you on this one.

Murumuru butter & rose

Here's a go-to for keeping skin smooth and supple. Our formulas, infused with Amazonian murumuru butter which is known to be highly moisturising, provide a healthy-looking gloss plus a fragrant kiss of nature from the hand-picked Bulgarian rose petal.

Coconut oil & ylang ylang

Our formulas, which bring together coconut oil and the ylang ylang flower, are designed to provide visible damage repair for your hair and soft, smooth skin. This unique range gently nourishes and hydrates your skin and hair, while encircling you with the early morning freshness of exotic ylang ylang flower oil, sourced from Moheli.

Coconut water & mimosa flower

Sounds like brunch, right? Trust us, it’s just as good. We've infused coconut water, known as a lightweight moisturiser, into blends that help keep your hair strong and full of bounce. The fresh and delicious absolute of honey-scented mimosa flower further enhances the experience, leading to one delightful shower.

Argan oil & lavender

Relax and feel at ease. Our collection of crafted blends, infused with luxurious Moroccan argan oil and French heirloom lavender, help gently relax and refresh skin, all while calming the spirit and mind with a pampering fragrance.