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marine algae & eucalyptus Collection

marine algae & eucalyptus

Experience a splash of hydration with this ocean-loving collection. Not only does this aromatically fresh algae leave hair and skin feeling ultra-hydrated, but the bottle is also made from ocean-bound plastic as a small act of love for the planet.

Picked for its moisturizing properties, marine algae is jam-packed with loving nutrients for hair and body that feels renewed and hydrated. Who knew that algae could work such wonders? Learn more marine algae and its benefits here

Loved for its cooling and soothing scent, eucalyptus combines with algae’s aquatic freshness for a powerful, herby hit. The fragrance? Splashes of misty sea salt unite with cool eucalyptus, washing over rich florals. Eucalyptus for hair and body has never smelled better. Learn more eucalyptus and its benefits here.