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Charcoal and orange blossom pieces

activated charcoal

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    Charcoal granules

    Charcoal for teeth? It’s a thing.

    What is activated charcoal? This beauty buzzword has been popping up all over in recent times – and for good reason. This lush, black ingredient is known for its deep cleansing properties and, infused in our Detox Whitening toothpaste, it helps to remove stains for whiter, brighter teeth.

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    charcoal sticks

    Naturally gorgeous.

    This natural ingredient has been used for centuries in ancient therapeutic traditions. Now, it's coming to your everyday oral care.

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    hand of charcoal

    Kind to teeth, and the planet.

    Thanks to the mild, refreshing formula you’ll love brushing with our toothpaste infused with activated charcoal. We’ve made sure there are no artificial dyes or sweeteners. Plus, it's also free from SLS, so you can enjoy a low-foaming toothpaste that's kind to your mouth and the planet, too.

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