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Argan nuts

Argan Oil

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    Hand holding argan nuts

    Introducing argan oil

    Don’t let dryness hold you back. When your body or hair need a moisture boost, treat yourself to our formulas infused with luxurious, hand-crushed Moroccan argan oil, which one of the most exceptional moisturisers on the planet. Our argan oil-infused products will leave your skin and hair feeling hydrated and renewed.    

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    Pot for making argan oil

    A desert dream    

    Nobody knows dryness like the Sahara, which happens to be where argan trees grow. Our argan oil is harvested from Morocco where the trees are cherished as a barrier against the dryness of the Sahara and the oily fruit is used by the locals to nourish and moisturise dry skin and hair. The argan nuts are hand crushed to retrieve the seeds from which the golden oil is extracted.

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    Argan nuts

    Argan oil is simply amazing #humblebrag

    Discover a nourishing oasis. When your hair and skin feel like a desert you can rely on our moisturising, argan oil-infused formulas to leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

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