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Natural Bamboo


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    bamboo trees

    A highly renewable material

    Bamboo? Not that new, but oh-so renewable! This versatile, light material has been used for centuries to craft strong building materials, sturdy furniture, and now, bamboo toothbrush handles. We call that a great all-rounder.

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    bamboo wood fence

    Grow baby, grow!

    Native to warm, temperate and sometimes tropical environments, bamboo grows at a rapid rate. It also doesn’t need much water, is lightweight and is a great biodegradable substitute for many everyday objects. Did you know it can grow a few centimetres an hour? Sounds like a win-win!

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    bamboo forest in Kyoto Japan

    Brushing up to sustainability

    Our goal? To make our carbon footprint smaller. That’s why we’ve picked ethically sourced bamboo as the main material for our toothbrush handles. With something that needs replacing often, it only makes sense we’ve crafted our bamboo toothbrush handles out of this highly renewable, lightweight material. Tall, strong, flexible and sustainable.

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