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Charcoal & Bergamot Collection

charcoal & bergamot

charcoal and bergamot products

Our detoxifying collection is infused with Bamboo Charcoal and the precious scent of Bergamot. Each of our hair care products in this Delightful Detox range will remove oily and dirty buildup to leave your hair cleansed and nourished. Bye-bye build-up!

Each of our hair products in this special collection is infused with earthy Bamboo Charcoal. Known for its detoxing properities and benefits on hair and skin, charcoal helps to eliminate build-up and balances your hair and scalp.

Bergamot offers a fragrant blend of delightful orange notes mingled with the warm texture of tree bark. Extracted from the fruit peel of Bergamot, this charming scent is ethically sourced from Italy during the peak harvest season.

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