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Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Collection

coconut milk & white jasmine

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We’ve lovingly infused this hair care collection with creamy natural Coconut Milk and gentle floral notes of White Jasmine, so that you can dreamily unwind in style. From our nourishing Coconut Milk & White Jasmine shampoo to our Coconut-Milk & White Jasmine-rich sea salt spritz, shower your locks with love.

Found swaying high in the warm, humid skies of tropical islands, natural Coconut Milk comes from the sweet, nutrient-rich kernel of the coconut. Known to restore, repair and moisturize, this heavenly ingredient is a wonder-working elixir for parched skin and hair.

And… relax. White Jasmine is loved all over the world for its gentle, calming nature. Gently sweet and floral, we’ve infused the spirit of White Jasmine in this collection to bring a peaceful dose of tranquillity to your beauty routine.