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Indian Lilac & Clove Leaf Collection

indian lilac & clove leaf

Information about the collection

For sleek, glossy locks with every wash, reach for our lilac shampoo and conditioner, infused with the brightening brilliance of Indian Lilac and the warm, sweet scent of Clove Leaf. Such a delicious-smelling duo. Want smooth, shiny hair? Your transformation starts here.

With its full, pink bouquets, oil-rich seeds and vibrant leaves, this wonder-tree has been loved for all its moisturizing, regenerative and immune-boosting goodness for centuries. Our formulas, infused with Indian Lilac, will help to transform dull hair with sensational mirror-like shine.

Give hair-wash days a little boost with the uplifting scent of spicy, aromatic Clove Leaf. Ours is, of course, ethically sourced. Clove Leaf is known to work wonders for awakening your senses – perfect for your early morning shower.