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Marula Oil and Cedarwood Love Beauty and Planet Products

marula oil & cedarwood

Information about the collection

Our collection made with marula oil & cedarwood is a powerful balance of moisture and protection that works to defend skin from dryness. This range of hand and body lotion products is made with a combination of hydrating ingredients that work to defend and protect the skin’s moisture barrier, while a grounding, cedar fragrance delivers invigorating woody notes.

Marula oil is lightweight and rich in antioxidants. Made from the nuts and kernels of marula trees, this oil is known for its supremely moisturizing properties that help restore hydration and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. We are inspired by marula oil benefits, so much so that we’ve infused this oil in our limited edition line of hand and body lotion.

Our sensational cedarwood oil is ethically sourced by our fragrance partners and delivers a warm, balsamic scent that’s distinctly woody. Blended with notes of juniper and citrus, the cedarwood scent of our marula and cedarwood collection is invigorating with an alpine signature.

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