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Yuzu & Vanilla Collection

yuzu & vanilla

yuzu and vanil products

Get ready for ultimate freshness with our Yuzu & Vanilla infused collection. Each of these refreshing ingredients will have you instantly transported to a beach cabana in your dream island getaway! Our blooming fresh handwash will leave you refreshed and fragant and our Citrus Crush gummy vitamins will leave you glowing.

No one can deny the delicious scent of fresh Yuzu, the citrusy cocktail everyone needs to kick-off the day! Our Yuzu features vivacious citrus notes, and when coupled with vanilla, provides a warm & fizzy ambiance. It's also full of antioxidants and vitamins to help get your skin glowing.

Harvested from June to September, this sweet scent of vanilla is ethically sourced from Madagascar. The tempting scent of vanilla is both indulgent yet light and airy.

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