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pineapple & papaya foaming hand wash 

8 oz

Love Beauty and Planet is committed to small acts of love that make you and our planet a little more beautiful, every day. With a refreshing blend of natural pineapple extract and ethically sourced bergamot, our Pineapple & Papaya foaming hand wash soap washes away dirt & bacteria with effective plant-based cleansers. This cleansing formula is made with 92% naturally derived ingredients, is infused with essential oils, is paraben-free and has gentle sulfate-free cleansers that leave your hands soft & smooth. Our foaming handwash soap is also PETA approved & vegan, cruelty-free, loaded with scents infused with ethically sourced oils and extracts, and packaged in bottles made of 100% recycled plastic. A small act of love for you and the planet. What’s the best way to use this fragrant, feel-good cleanser? You know it - pump, lather, rinse. Go easy on the tap! This foaming hand wash soap is best paired with the complete Pineapple & Papaya collection for an immersive sensory experience for bath and body! Love this scent? Our collection of Beloved Foaming Hand Washes are all made with ethically sourced oils and extracts from around the world in fragrances you'll love. Join our beautiful movement by picking up one of our hand washes today. Packaging contains recycled content - Bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content (PCR).

• You know it - pump, lather, rinse. Go easy on the tap! 

OUR HAND WASH PROMISE: EFFECTIVELY CLEANSES HANDS by washing away dirt & bacteria with PLANT-BASED cleansers.