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Balayage vs. Ombre Hairstyles: Header Image Of Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Conditioner

balayage vs. ombre hairstyles

Balayage vs. Ombre Hairstyles

What is Balayage? And, The Balayage Lightening Technique

The literal definition of Balayage is sweeping. And, when used in reference to hairstyles Balayage technique typically means highlights painted on the surface of the hair to create a soft and elegant sweeping effect. The process of balayage hair color application starts at the roots and becomes heavier as it goes along the sections with the heavier spots at the ends of the sections.

The balayage effect can typically be done on any hair color and is all the rage right now in the hair industry. The balayage technique is best suited for long or medium length haired girls, where the true sweeping hair color effect can be noticed and save you a ton of money because they don’t have to be frequently touched up.

Balayage Highlights--How To & The Different Types of Balayage

Depending on the balayage hair color effect wanted multiple hair colors can come into play. It typically is solely up to the client and the stylist and the balayage technique they are employing. For those girls seeking a more shimmery balayage color look they might go with three colors and lay it on a bit softer. Another more dramatic alternative is to go with the foilage hair color technique. Here the stylist will apply the highlights with foil and amplify the balayage color process for an oh-so-sleek and shine look. So whether you do a blonde balayage or dark balayage the level of lift is up to you.

What is Ombre? And Ombre Hairstyles with Hair Dye

Ombre color is a dramatic, two-toned hair color which is typically darker a the top and lighter at the bottom made famous by many celebrities in popular culture. The dark section is usually ones own natural hair color and the lighter piece is typically colored. And, as your natural hair grows in your ombre style will naturally change with the color, which many girls love!

The Different Types of Ombre Hair Color

The difference between the different ombre hairstyles really depends on how drastic you want to make your hair. For those seeking a more drastic ombre hairstyle they typically go dark paired with a light shade. But, for those girls aspiring a softer ombre (or sombre look) they make it more natural looking—making the tone differences more subtle and choose to go easier on the blend. And, then for those girls that really want a wild look they choose colors such as pink, purple, or bright blue for a color melting effect that really makes them stand out.

How to Ombre Hair & Create Ombre Highlights

What hairstyle you choose solely depends on you as an individual and what overall aesthetic and statement you are trying to make with your look. There really is no right or wrong way to do ombre and it solely left to the imagination on how far one wants to be creative and push the boundaries. This means you can do an ombre short hair or an ombre long hair or even an ombre bob.

How to Care For Your Balayage or Ombre Hair

1. Bond Up Those Beautiful Tresses.

Many salons now offer the opportunity to bond up hair. This process takes place after the coloring process and will add natural structural bonds to the hair to keep the color more vibrant for a longer time period. This will also ensure the hair stays healthy and doesn’t break or become damaged.

2.  Look at the Ingredients in those Hair Care Products.

Maintain healthy hair with all of our naturally derived, hair color friendly products, which will leave hair shiny and extend the life of the hair color.

3.  Try Love Beauty and Planet Products

Our special Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Collection is made exclusively for color treated hair and great to use with etiher ombre or balayage hairstyles.

Balayage vs. Ombre: Image of Argan Oil in Tub

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