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Coconut Oil Plant-Based Deodorants: Header Image Featuring Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water Deodorant

coconut oil plant-based deodorants

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Coconut Oil Plant-Based Deodorants

Applying coconut oil for underarms may sound unusual, but after taking a closer look at the long list of coconut oil deodorant benefits, we’re convinced! As you probably know, coconut oil is often infused in the products we use to take care of our hair and skin. But beyond the most well-known benefits, like reducing hair breakage and reviving dull skin, coconut oil has also gained traction as the perfect natural body deodorizer. Coconut oil deodorant is packed with goodness, comprised of ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits. Coconut oil deodorant also has antibacterial properties, making it the perfect natural body deodorizer for breaking down odor-causing bacteria. Still find yourself asking, does coconut oil deodorant work for real? We say yes, and here’s why.

how does coconut oil deodorant work?

There are two types of glands that secrete what we call “sweat,” and unfortunately the gland that causes underarm sweat is the one that attracts those odor-causing bacteria the most. These bacteria tend to thrive on the parts of our skin that attain the most moisture.

Here is where coconut oil for underarms comes in. Coconut oil contains fatty acids, like lauric acid, which are known for their antibacterial characteristics and benefits. Coconut oil deodorant can therefore help reduce the bacteria in these moist areas, leaving you refreshed and smelling clean. 

Plant-Based Deodorants: Image of Coconut

how coconut oil deodorant benefits you

1. coconut oil deodorant is an antibacterial powerhouse

Our body produces sweat as a function of controlling body temperature. Since our underarms tend to be very moist and warm, these areas tend to get pretty sweaty compared to other parts of our body. The sweat that the apocrine gland releases on our underarms is also high in protein composition, and this protein is what odor-causing bacteria love to get their hands on. Luckily, coconut oil deodorant can help neutralize the smell by ridding your underarms of the odor-causing bacteria.

2. natural body deodorizer to the rescue

Sweating is our body’s natural way of detoxing. We sweat to cool down and release the buildup of toxins. In other words, sweating is healthy. We shouldn’t be applying chemicals to our body that artificially stop natural functions. Many deodorants out there contain chemicals, like parabens and aluminum, that work to halt our natural process of perspiration. This is where coconut oil deodorant comes in as a natural body deodorizer, ridding odor instead of blocking sweat.

3. more than just odor control

Beyond just protecting your underarms from odor, coconut oil deodorant benefits your skin by moisturizing and protecting against irritation. Without the chemical ingredients, plant-based coconut deodorant isn’t as harsh on your skin. This natural body deodorizer also hydrates your skin under your arms, protecting against eczema and also working as a barrier against more bacteria buildup.

4. no nasties

So many deodorants in our local drugstores are packed with chemicals and unnatural ingredients that could be harmful to our bodies. Deodorants often contain parabens, which may be toxic and irritating to our skin when used in excess. And of course, deodorants often contain aluminum, which some studies may claim pose health risks in the future.


Coconut Oil Plant-Based Deodorants: Image Featuring Woman with Arms Up

Plant-based, coconut deodorant has come just in time too. Recently there’s been a ton of buzz around the negative impacts of unnatural deodorants, usually antiperspirants with aluminum-based formulas that work to halt our body’s natural perspiration process. That is why we launched our range of coconut oil infused, aluminum-free deodorants, so we can help out with underarm odor without the nasties.


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