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Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have long hair, why not experiment with some cute and easy hairstyles? The perfect style doesn’t have to be hard to make or take up your whole morning. And, there are so many cute and easy hairstyles for long hair and for different textures, that you’re sure to find a style that fits you best! No need to search on your own, try out one of the hairstyles listed here!

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair Braid

1. All down

Long hair, don’t care! Embrace your long hair and leave strands down. For that perfect undone but yet finished, beach look, spray a texturizing spray about 10-12 inches from your damp hair through the ends. Either air dry or blow dry for weightless texture all day long.

2. Braids

Braids are one of the most classic cute and easy hairstyles for long hair, and there are so many variations: pigtails, side braid, a braid within two hair ties. For a more complicated look, try French braid(s) or even a fishtail.

3. Wave

Braid your slightly damp hair, allow to dry while you sleep or keep them all-day long, then let the braids go loose, and your hair will keep some of the shape. Spray on our medium hold & volume coconut milk & white jasmine hairspray to prolong curl life and preserve your waves without the crunch. Pro tip: the smaller and tighter the braids, the more texture.

4. Low ponytail

Ponytails are a very chic way to keep everything together, especially the low ponytail. Brush down the bump towards the back of your neck. You can overlay a nice scrunchie or add in a flower.

5. High ponytail

Brush all your hair all the way towards the top of your head. You can even do this upside down to sweep the bottom half of the hair. Swing your ponytail around. You can either let the hair go loose or style the rest out of the ponytail. Our light hold & frizz control coconut milk and white jasmine hairspray works well in holding loose curls for that perfect natural look.

6. Bunched up ponytail

For this artistic look, start with a ponytail, then layer and add on smaller pony tails down the length of long hair. Pull between ties or bands to create more oval shapes.

7. Inverted ponytail

Change it up with this unique look. Loosen the ponytail from the head, flip the ponytail towards the head through the hole, tuck back in and tighten the ponytail again for a twist.

8. Half up, half down

There’s such a thing as compromise. Be at peace with some hair up, some hair down. Keep your hair flowing freely, while also adding some structure with a hair tie.

9. Messy bun hairstyle

There’s an art to the messy bun. From a ponytail, let the last loop be a big bun. Tease the hair so it separates and voila, you look like you came out of great fitness class feeling loose from head to toe. Top off with our medium hold & volume coconut milk and white jasmine hairspray to hold the look without stiffness.

10. Chignon

If you need to go for a more dressy, pulled back, ballerina evening look (even during the day), twist the ends of your hair in one bulk and wrap it around your ponytail hair tie. Take a second hair tie to keep the chignon in place. Spray to keep flyaways away and the back of the hair together for any twirl, and use any pins to secure further. (If your hair is coarse, you may be able to skip the first ponytail step.

11. Wave

Split your hair into even sections, especially if you’re using one width. Start curling in one direction with the lower sections. You can also try curling in the other direction for some fun!

12. Blow dry

There’s nothing wrong with a basic blow dry. Use a bristled round brush and keep a classic blow out for days. Once you’re done with the main frame, tease the top layer from the back with a smaller brush to add volume.

13. Pin-straight

The 90’s model look never goes out of style. If you’re looking to be slick and smooth, use a comb with a straightener to gently pull the hair down for an off the runway street style.

14. Headband

These accessories live beyond prep-school. Headbands can be a statement piece for the hair, allowing for added flexibility with styling. You can even make a pretend-headband with your own hair by splitting and smoothing down the front and tucking behind the ears.

15. Flower crowns

Bring in the festival vibes. Adorn yourself with some beautiful accents and freestyle from there.

16. Pinned

Pins and barrettes can be used not only logistically to keep hair in place and pull back hair, but also as a hair design. Cross bobby pins, fashion a row of barrettes along the sides of your head, or even twist and pin.

17.  Bow

Use your own hair to put a bow on your head. If your hair is long enough, you can “tie” a bow with two long bunches. Voila!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with more than one of these cute and easy hairstyles for long hair to find your perfect look! We’re confident you are one step closer to that perfect hair day.

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair With Ribbon

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