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Skin detox for clear skin

skin detox

How to clear skin: Detoxing skin tips

A daily face routine is great, but it is also important to focus on deep cleaning. Skin issues like dryness or puffiness can sometimes be easily prevented. In this article, we look at the natural ways and different beauty products that can help with detoxing your skin, so you'll be left with glowing and healthy skin. Read all about how to keep your skin clear in the long run, and the surprising benefits of drinking water – for skin, body, and your overall health.

Closeup of a blonde woman with clear skin

How to clear up skin with a detox

When it comes to how to clear skin, you have to start from a base of doing the right thing for your skin on a day by day basis. However, every now and again it’s also worth doing some deep cleaning. Skin responds well to some extra love now and again. Here are our top tips for a great detox:

  1. Start with a thorough wash all over in the shower or bath with a good quality product like our Tea Tree & Vetiver Body Wash.
  2. Use an exfoliant to buff off the dead skin cells. This really smooths out the skin. But, be sure to do it no more than 2-3 times per week. Why not try our Sugar & Rose Body Scrub whenever you feel like pampering your skin.
  3. Moisturize thoroughly with a product suitable for your skin. If you’re prone to oily skin on your face go for something lighter all over, but those who often get dry skin can opt for the heavier stuff.
  4. Consider a facial steamer. This is a great way to finish off your detox routine. It opens pores and makes skin feel supple and fresh. Simply hold your face over a bowl of hot water with a towel placed over your head to keep the steam in. Always be careful to avoid scolds however and stop steaming if it causes any discomfort.

The benefits of detoxing the skin

Knowing how to clear up the skin is one thing, but it’s also important to be aware of why you should do it. The real benefits of detoxing the skin are:

  1. It cleans off any build-up product such as makeup that isn’t removed properly.
  2. Detoxing is relaxing and a great stress reliever when you’re having a hard time. Combine it with a hair detox for a relaxing night in.
  3. Getting your skin in top condition is a great starting point for when you want to look your best, whether for a big event or just for a daily pick me up.
Water dripping into an almost full glass

The benefits of drinking water for skin

If you’re wondering how to get clear skin, another great thing you can do is drink more water. But how does water help your skin?

  • It prevents dryness and flaking that can feel really unpleasant.
  • It reduces puffiness which happens when the body is trying to retain water due to dehydration.
  • It can promote fast healing of any skin problems.
  • Being well hydrated reduces the appearance of wrinkles by creating more elasticity in the skin.

So now you know how to clear up skin both on a daily basis and for occasional detox treatments. It really is important to know how to keep your skin clear as it can make a real difference in both the short and long term. Follow this handy guide when your skin needs a little bit of extra love and you won’t go far wrong!

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