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How To Get Rid Of Split Ends: Woman with Textured Hair and Love Beauty and Planet Ylang Ylang Shampoo

how to get rid of split ends

What Are Split Ends? And, Split Ends Explained

Ever wondered why just about every beauty or skin care product has coconut oil as an ingredient? Have you asked yourself “is coconut oil good for your hair?” Well, you’re not alone.

It’s not a trend as many may think: Coconut oil has been used for many years to moisturize and even acts as a natural sunscreen. Adding this ingredient to your everyday products like hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, and even to body lotions or creams can take the formula up a notch, providing you with its natural moisturizing properties. Due to its various effective uses, coconut oil has taken off as a must-have staple in the beauty, skin and hair care routines of women around the world.

The uses of coconut oil don’t stop there. If you want to learn more about how you can use it or what to use, read on...

How To Prevent Split Ends With Coconut Oil

10 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

1. Dry Your Hair Differently

Don’t towel dry your hair aggressively and rub right after you come from a shower. This will cause more hair breakage. Instead we recommend taking a small towel and wrapping it around your hair and gently squeezing the water out of your hair.

2. Change Your Blow Drying Routine

Never blow dry your hair after coming out of the shower. This will create tons of breakage and split ends. Instead we recommend air drying your hair or investing in a heat protectant product. And, if you are really set on blow drying make sure to never hit the ends of hair, but instead focus on mid-nodules.

3. Say bye-bye to Straighteners

Straightener tools frequently do damage to your hair and did you know that the hotter the tool the more split ends you are creating for your hair? Straightening tools frequently strip hair of its natural shine and a common protein found in all hair—keratin. You can also help prevent some of this damage by using one of our best shampoos for damage repair—Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Oil and Ylang Ylang Hope And Repair Shampoo.

4. Book a Keratin Treatment For Split End Treatment

Keratin Treatments don’t only help your hair look great, but they also add much needed protein back into your hair to help prevent and get rid of split ends. So stop wasting time and book your appointment today.

5. Ditch that paddle brush

Paddle Brushes create much more harm than good when it comes to preventing and getting rid of split ends. These wide brushes frequently create split ends by the aggressive nature of their build. And, if you aren’t gentle you pretty much have no hope of preventing breakage from occurring.

6. Find the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Make sure not to over shampoo and try our Love Beauty and Planet Turmeric and Tonka Sulfate-Free Prevent and Preserve Shampoo. Over shampooing can cause a lot of damage. And, we recommend not shampooing your hair more than twice a week.

7. Avoid Super Hot Showers

Hot water is damaging to your hair since the cuticle swells, making it more prone to splits. And, always make sure to rinse with cold water.

8. Invest in Argan Oil, Tumeric, or Coconut Oil Hair Care Products

These naturally derived ingredients infused into three of our collections are known to offer weightless hydration and help prevent split ends. These ingredients help to treat and camouflage split ends.

9. Don't Use Any Metal Accessories

Metal is known to break and damage hair. So make sure if you choose to wear your hair up you are investing in non-metal hair ties and elastics and only apply when your hair is completely dry.

10. Use One of Our Products Known to Treat Split Ends

We recommend the entire Turmeric and Tonka Collection, which is known to prevent breakage and repair damage.


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