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hair vitamins 101

How vitamins can help you get healthy hair

By now, you’ve probably heard of hair gummies and vitamins. From Instagram influencers to hair-health experts, it seems like everyone’s added one to their daily diet. But do hair gummies work? It’s the question on everyone’s lips, and our team of hair experts at Love Beauty and Planet is here to clear things up. 

What are hair vitamins?

If you’re new to the hair vitamin craze, you’re probably wondering what they are. To put it simply, they’re a dietary supplement designed to help your hair.

Just like the rest of your body, your locks need specific vitamins and minerals to grow, glow, and stay healthy. When your immune system needs a boost, you might take a vitamin C tablet. When your hair needs a boost, you take a hair tablet!

Here are some benefits of hair vitamins you can expect:

  • Quicker growth
  • Stronger strands that are less prone to breakage
  • Shiny locks
  • Healthier hair
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Do hair vitamins work?

Now it’s time for the big question: do hair growth vitamins work? Well, this all comes down to the type your using. You can get all of those multivitamin benefits for hair, but only if your gummies contain helpful ingredients!

Look out for hair-friendly ingredients like Biotin and folic acid, both of which are essential for hair growth and strength. Vitamin D, C, E, and A are other ingredients to look out for if you want shiny, healthy hair. These are all components that your hair needs to grow, and hair vitamins make sure you have enough of the right nutrients in your body.

However, they’re only going to work if you take care of your hair in other ways too. They’re a great hair supplement, but they’re not going to work miracles on their own! Check out our article on how to keep hair looking and feeling healthy for more advice.

How to use hair vitamins?

One of the best things about hair vitamins? They’re so easy to use! All you need to do is take the recommended dose every day to give your body a hit of hair-healthy nutrients. Remember to always read the label for your vitamins before taking them to make sure you’re getting the right dose.

If you’re wondering ‘how long does it take for vitamins to work on hair?’, this usually comes down to the vitamins you chose. But, in our experience, it’ll usually take around 3 months for the effects to really kick in. It may seem like a long time, but it’s worth the wait!

At Love Beauty and Planet, we have a range of hair gummies to help you get thicker, stronger, and longer hair. Our vitamins are made with ingredients we know are beneficial to the hair so you can expect big results! They’re also vegan, gluten-free, and come in recycled bottles – it doesn’t get better than that.

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