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Header Image of Woman with Natural Hair and Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil Conditioner

Natural Hair 101

Natural Hair 101

Why Go Natural?

The natural hair movement is gaining tons of momentum, and natural hair is being celebrated worldwide. Having natural hair could mean a lot of different things: No harsh chemicals. No coloring. No straightening. No use of dryers, straighteners, curlers, relaxers. Natural hair comes in many styles and can be managed in many ways.

Starting your natural hair journey — or remaining on it — can feel great yet varied depending on everyone’s unique hair type. There are various types of natural hair, and it’s important to find the right products for your natural hair care regimen:

1. For dry, curly natural hair, choose a product that has ingredients known for their moisturizing and nourishing benefits. Usually oils and butters are the ingredients to look out for. Check out our shea butter & sandalwood conditioner, infused with shea nut butter, which hydrates curls and strands for lusciously moisturized hair. 

2. For frizzy natural hair, we’d recommend products that seal moisture into your hair in order to gloss your hair and keep frizz at bay. Check out our argan oil & lavender conditioner for a boost of moisture to smooth your natural hair.

3. For fine, natural hair, you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to add some extra bounce. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo, like our coconut water & mimosa flower shampoo which lightly moisturizes to leave fine natural hair feeling volumized and strong. 

4. For former colored hair that is in transition to its natural state, add some nourishment with a hair oil, like our rose & almond natural oils infusion.

Woman With Natural Hair

Conditioning Natural Hair & Hair Strands

The rule of thumb with conditioning natural hair is to condition regularly. While conditioning natural hair is important, deep conditioning natural hair is a must. But there are different kinds of conditioner, too:

Rinse-out conditioner for length keeps moisture sealed. Love Beauty & Planet’s coconut milk & white jasmine conditioner helps rock curls and maintain texture by energizing parched hair. Leave-in conditioner replaces moisture for protection from overstyling or friction. You’ll leave the conditioner in for a little longer or spray it to go. Deep conditioner can be done with heat or a wrap. Depending on how much shine and prevention you need, you can deep condition every week to biweekly.

Natural Hair 101: Woman with Straight Hair and Yellow Flowers

Washing Natural Hair, Wash Routine for Hair, & Wash Day

You may not do it as often, but It’s important to keep your scalp clean. Washing natural hair takes a few, key instructions:

1. Wash fewer times and in less than 30 minutes, maybe once every few days, once a week or once every two weeks even. 

2. You may just clean with water.

3. Avoid sulfate shampoos.

4. Wash hair in sections to prevent tangles.

One great option is Love Beauty and Planet’s tea tree oil & vetiver shampoo, which is sulfate-free and helps revitalize tired hair. Certain hair oils, like out coconut oil & ylang ylang 3 in 1 benefit oil. can be used before and after shampoo as a pre and post wash aid for further alignment and smoothness.

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