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Sustainable Sourced Ingredients In Beauty Products

Sustainable Sourced Ingredients In Beauty Products

What Sustainable Sourced Ingredients Really Means for Beauty Products

It’s easier to go green with your beauty routine these days. You can skip daily shampooing, use less water, repurpose your bottles and buy in bigger bulk. And, more brands like Love Beauty and Planet are making the commitment to responsible sourcing with definitive sustainable goals. To live more sustainably, look out for beauty products with more environmentally-friendly packaging and formulas, like our 2in1 coconut water & mimosa flower shampoo and conditioner bar or with conditioners with fast-rinse technology.

Sustainable Sourced Ingredients In Beauty Products

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

Sustainable and responsible sourcing is the sourcing of ingredients with close consideration to the impact on the environment and the treatment of workers. In other words, sustainably sourced ingredients take into account both environmental and social impacts related to the production and farming of its ingredients.

At Love Beauty and Planet, we feel happy to infuse each of our formulas with several ingredients that come only from certified sustainable sources, and one of our ‘life goals’ is our commitment for every natural ingredient we use in our products to be from certified sustainable sources by 2020. Plus, we’ve made a commitment to make at least three new product innovations by the same deadline to help you as well as the planet.

Sustainable Sourced Ingredients Love Beauty And Planet Hair Oils

Sustainably Sourced Packaging

It’s not just sustainably sourced ingredients; it’s sustainably sourced packaging, too. While sustainably sourced ingredients refers to the social impacts of ingredient production, sustainably sourced packaging focuses in on eco-friendly materials. The sustainability or eco-friendly characteristic of packaging depends on the ecological footprint of its production and life cycle. Love Beauty and Planet also has sustainable sourced packaging at the forefront of our ‘life goals’. We aim for a cleaner and greener planet with bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. Caps and pumps will use at least 50% recycled plastic by 2020.

Sustainably Sourced Makes a Difference in Hair

When you choose products that do good, it feels extra good. The even better news is, responsible sourcing can make a difference in your hair health, meaning you don’t need to sacrifice performance to live a more sustainable life. Brands that choose to produce sustainably sourced products are also typically more transparent with their ingredients. This transparency means they often choose not to include harsh chemicals in their product formulas. That means you can have healthy hair without the nasties and with confidence that you’re contributing to a less wasteful planet. In other words, non-harming products often mean healthier hair.

There’s so much good to look forward to. It’s not just goals, it’s sustainable goals. Being compassionate to the planet can be done with kind love and sustainable beauty. Plus, Love Beauty and Planet’s full conditioner portfolio incorporates the one-of-a-kind fast-rinse conditioner technology. This patent-pending tech can help save water every time you shower. Shampoos will soon be on their way to be even more sustainable practices by, you guessed it, 2020.

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