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Coconut and Ylang Ylang

coconut oil & ylang ylang

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Coconut oil meets the ylang ylang flower in our ranges designed to repair damaged hair, refresh underarms and soothe and soften skin. This unique collection, infused with organic coconut oil, gently nourishes and hydrates your face, body and hair, while encircling you with the early morning freshness of exotic ylang ylang flower oil sourced from Moheli.

Sometimes, dry hair and skin just need a moisture boost. All of our indulgent collections contain organic coconut oil from the Philippines. We use virgin coconut in our skin and hair care ranges, and our formulas infused with coconut oil give you the care your skin, face and hair needs. In our haircare, we use coconut oil as a natural replacement for silicones, so you get smooth, soft hair - but with no silicones.

Adored by perfumers for its sunny personality, we love ylang ylang oil because its floral, jasmine-like scent adds lively notes of fruit and sweetness to your beauty routine.

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