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lavender & hyssop

lavender & hyssop

Information about the collection

Relax and feel at ease with the Beloved by Love Beauty and Planet Lavender and Hyssop collection. From our moisturizing body cream to our cleansing hand sanitizer, each blend in this collection lets you relax into an aromatic blend of soothing lavender and earthy, creamy woods.

French lavender is grown using the traditional préfané technique. The lavender is hand cut and left to dry in the fields for two to three days to give the lavender oil a unique fragrance of soft, floral notes balanced with slightly fruity overtures rounded out by sweet balsamic. Originating in France's Drome Provençale region, this oil is obtained through steam distillation.

As your head hits the pillow, let your mind wander and fall into sweet dreams of peace and happiness. Awake to the smell of hyssop and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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