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Hair Products for Dry Hair
Luxurious, healthy-looking hair starts with luscious hydration. To care for dry, brittle hair, you'll need a splash of moisture. Infused with natural coconut oil and shea butter, the formulas in our products for dry hair nourish your locks with ultimate hydration. Indulge away!

dry damaged hair

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shea butter & sandalwood

When it comes to rejuvenation, hydration is the answer. Our collections, infused with shea butter and Australian sandalwood oil, gently cleanse and hydrate for supremely smooth, hydrated and healthy-looking skin and hair.

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sandalwood & grapeseed

Soak in some moisture for that dry hair. Our supremely hydrating collection, with Sandalwood and Grapeseed, offers a deep, nourishing sigh of relief and care for your hair.

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blue green algae & eucalyptus

Quench dry, lack-lustre locks! This ocean-loving marine moisture hair collection, lovingly infused with blue green algae, leaves dry hair feeling renewed and smooth.

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hemp seed oil & nana leaf

Infused with Hemp Seed Oil and the soothing scent of Nana Leaf, this unique hair collection is packed with calming goodness.