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grapefruit & red ginger

grapefruit & red ginger

Information about the collection

Jump start your morning with an energizing yoga session and let the uplifting notes of fresh grapefruit get you ready to start the day and keep this positive mindset. Check out everything from hand lotions to hand sanitizers to bath bombs with the Beloved By Love Beauty Planet Grapefruit and Red Ginger Collection.

Be awakened by this vibrantly addictive fragrance. Bright notes of pink grapefruit and spicy red ginger activate your senses. A fresh, zesty heart of pineapple and rhubarb combined with creamy woods and soft musks help to create a memorable experience.

Our ethically sourced Red Ginger from Laos, has a uniquely vibrant citrus spiciness. The rhizomes are harvested in northern Laos from August to October and the oil is obtained by Hydrodistillation. This unique quality of Red ginger oil is also certified Organic by Ecocert.