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why use a detox shampoo & conditioner

Why use a detox shampoo & conditioner?

Detox Shampoo and Conditioner – Why They Should Be In Your Routine

Hair feeling limp, lackluster, or just a little lifeless? A detox might be in order

There’s a lot of talk around detoxing our bodies – skipping happy hour and swapping soda for green juice. But did you know your hair can benefit from a little clean living, too? Combine pollution with the natural oils our hair produces, on top of styling products, sweat and even the morning savior that is dry shampoo, and it’s no surprise our hair might need a little refresh. 

Try as it might, sometimes our regular shampoo just can’t cut through all that gunk. So, if your hair looks dull, limp, or, let’s face it, is just behaving badly, a detox formulation that’ll give hair a deep clean might just be what the doctor ordered…

What is detox hair care?

Detox hair care works like a reset, helping to whisk away dirt, dandruff, oil, product build-up and even hard-water residue to strengthen, clarify and help give strands a fresh start. It also helps to unblock clogged pores and do away with dead skin cells, all of which works together to help improve scalp health.

Why do you need detox shampoo? 

Clogged hair follicles can impede hair growth and even cause painful pustules or scalp acne and a detox shampoo can help to remove the bacteria and build-up that can block pores. They can also help to rebalance hair if you’ve overexposed it to too many heavy conditioners or styling products.

While the clarifying formulations of yesteryear were often harsher and stripped or dried out strands, modern formulations offer nourishing natural ingredients that gently detoxify while they care for hair. Try our Love Beauty and Planet’s Sulfate-Free Vetiver & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. Tea tree oil naturally revitalizes and refreshes lackluster hair without stripping away any hydrating oils. It has the muscle to deep clean without dehydrating hair.

When should I use a detox shampoo and conditioner?

Like a factory reset on your phone, heavy detox shampoo is best saved for weekly use. But if you exercise every day, you love styling products, live in a busy (AKA polluted) city or your hair has started to shed, it might be time to incorporate a mild daily detox shampoo and conditioner into your hair care regime. Love Beauty and Planet’s Sulfate-Free Sea Salt & Bergamot Shampoo and Love Beauty and Planet’s Charcoal & Bergamot Conditioner are mild enough for regular use but will cleanse, gently exfoliate and balance your hair, bringing it back to its healthiest state.

Detox hair care uses detoxifying ingredients to cut through and remove product build-up, grime and bacteria, such as Love Beauty and Planet’s naturally derived, 100% biodegradable sulfate-free surfactants, which remove these nasties without stripping the hair in the process. These work alongside other detoxifying ingredients to deliver healthy-looking hair.

How do I use detox shampoo and conditioner?

To get the most out of your detox shampoo, detangle hair in the shower with a wide-toothed comb before applying. Lather a small amount of shampoo between your palms and gently massage into your hair and scalp, leaving it for a few minutes to really give it a chance to work its magic. Rinse thoroughly with cool water – this will encourage shine and is kinder on hair (and the planet) than super-hot water – then smooth on your detox conditioner. Rinse, then let dry and style to reveal gorgeous, detoxified hair.