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Sustainable skincare terms to know

Sustainable skincare terms to know

Sustainable Skincare Terms To Know

Using products that feature these four buzzwords is a super easy way to ensure your beauty routine is kind to the planet

Looking after your beauty is such an enjoyable experience, isn’t it? Whether it’s that feeling of freshness you get after washing and styling your hair, or the comforting sensation of massaging a dollop of delicious-smelling moisturizer onto your hands, indulging your senses with a nice beauty product is, for us, the ultimate way to unwind, recharge and enjoy a little self-care.

Here at Love Beauty and Planet, we’re just as passionate about the importance of self-care as we are about the importance of caring for the planet. We truly believe (because we’ve seen it with our own eyes) that taking care of yourself and taking care of the world around you can happen in perfect harmony. You truly don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. For us, in fact, self-care is even more enjoyable when you know it’s not having a negative impact on the planet.

By tapping into the power of the ingredients Mother Nature provides, we can create some of the most effective and enjoyable hair and skincare products around. We can also do this while helping to protect the ecosystems and environments that provide us with these incredible elements. How? By following these sustainable practices and procedures below.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you (as there is still plenty for us all to do to minimize our impact and do right by the environment!). But by looking out for these sustainable skincare terms, you can enjoy your beauty indulgences in the comfort of knowing they’re as kind as can be…

Sustainable term: PCR packaging

PCR stands for ‘Post Consumer Recycled’; that means the packaging a product comes in was created using recycled waste items, or materials that have been used before – and may have otherwise ended up in landfill. At Love Beauty and Planet, 100% of our bottles are made from PCR plastic, plus they can be fully recycled themselves. So by simply adding a Love Beauty and Planet product or two to your bathroom shelves, you’ve helped reduce the amount of waste on our planet. Go, you!

Sustainable term: Sustainably sourced

This term means the ingredients contained in the product have been collected in a responsible manner, without harming the environment or the people involved in its collection and production.

At Love Beauty and Planet, we take into account both the environmental and social impact our production and farming methods might have on both a local and global scale. If it risks any harm at any point in this cycle, we don’t use it or include it.

Certified cruelty-free and vegan

When we talk about doing no harm, that attitude extends to animals too. We think the planet provides us with so many powerful and effective ingredients, we don’t need to include any animal byproducts in Love Beauty and Planet formulations. That’s both products that come from animals, and products that are created by animals. So you can use any of our shampoos, conditioners, styling products, moisturizers, body washes, deodorants (we could go on!) knowing that they’re fully vegan. And because we love animals so much, we are committed to only creating cruelty-free products. That means no Love Beauty and Planet product has ever been, or ever will be, tested on animals.


Parabens are synthetic substances that work to preserve beauty products. While the level of parabens used in cosmetics is generally regarded as safe, they can be irritating on the skin and scalp for some people, plus their impact on our waterways is worth considering.

At Love Beauty and Planet, we only create products that are completely paraben-free. Thanks to such an advanced understanding of how natural ingredients can improve and benefit product formulations, we can skip the parabens and still create products that live happily on your shelf, while helping to keep the planet happy too.

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