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Do you know these vegan skincare terms

Do you know these vegan skincare terms?

The Vegan Skincare Terms You Need to Know

Great news: caring for your own beauty no longer needs to affect the beauty of the planet. Here’s how to jump on the oh-so-easy vegan beauty trend to improve your skin, hair /and/ your sustainability…

Hands up if you’ve ever considered dipping your toe in the vegan skincare and beauty movement but found it all a bit… overwhelming? We hear you. At Love Beauty and Planet, we’re all about the small acts of love that add up to make our world a better place. Beauty trends come and go, but it’s safe to say the ones centered around making a positive impact on the planet and its creatures are here to stay. Adopting a vegan beauty routine is beneficial not only to your hair and skin, but also the environment and the animals we share it with. Read on for the buzzwords to commit to memory while you grow your own vegan beauty routine…

Vegan beauty term to know: ‘No Animal Products’

There are a variety of plant-based options for every part of your skin and hair care routine if you’d like to avoid using animal products, by-products or derivatives. The term ‘no animal products’ refers to ingredients that come directly from an animal (animal-derived collagen and glycerin or the lanolin found in sheep’s wool, for example), but also those produced by animals, such as honey, beeswax and dairy. If you’re a creature of habit and assume these beauty switches will impact the results of your products, worry not. Our planet-loving alternatives are sourced consciously and with efficacy in mind. All our in-shower formulas are infused with natural coconut oil, a supreme natural moisturizer sourced from local farmers in the Philippines. The Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang Shampoo and Conditioner make light work of hydrating and nourishing your hair, while offering a dreamy exotic scent. In particular, they’re infused with ylang ylang flower oil which is ethically sourced from an island in the Indian Ocean called Comoros. The flowers are handpicked early in the morning and immediately distilled in order to keep the purity of their scent. Divine.



Vegan beauty term to know: ‘Certified Cruelty Free’

Another thing to keep in mind is that a beauty brand can contain all vegan ingredients (and therefore call itself vegan), but can legally still test its products on animals. If you want to be 100% sure the product you’re using contains vegan ingredients that do not involve animal testing, look for an official certification, such as PETA Cruelty-Free and Vegan (it’s a cute little pink-eared bunny symbol, you can’t miss it). PETA has recognized Love Beauty and Planet’s commitment not to test on animals, which we’re super proud of, as you should be when you buy a bottle with the iconic bunny stamp on it.

Vegan beauty term to know: ‘Naturally Sourced, With Kindness’

We’ve covered the kinds of ingredients we do not use, thank you very much, but it’s time to celebrate more of the planet-loving ones we do. Shea butter is (unsurprisingly) at the heart of our Shea Butter & Sandalwood range – a moisture-boosting powerhouse we chose to source from Ghana and Burkina Faso, two countries where harvesting is a key job for women in the region. The sandalwood is harvested by Aboriginal communities in the southern part of western Australia (who are paid a premium for it), and you can top up its creamy wood scent throughout the day by carrying our Shea Butter & Sandalwood Hand Cream with you (because who doesn’t want hydrated hands and a clean conscience, always?). Just one of the many #SmallActsOfLove that will make a huge difference to our beautiful planet. Now, go and be the change-maker you were born to be. 

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