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Does paraben-free shampoo help with moisture loss

Does paraben-free shampoo help with moisture loss?

Will Using Paraben-Free Shampoo Help With Moisture Loss?

A simple shower switch could be the trick to fixing your hair and scalp dryness

Before we get started on what you need to do to improve your scalp and hair health, let’s address the elephant in the room: what exactly are parabens and why is there so much discussion around them in the beauty space?

Parabens are simply preservatives that extend the life of your beauty products and stop fungus, bacteria and yeast from growing in them.

For some, using hair care products that contain parabens doesn’t cause any problems. More power to ya! But for others, switching to a paraben-free formula can really help with issues like dryness and scalp irritation. Not to mention, paraben-free formulas can be gentler on the environment.

Here at Love Beauty and Planet, we created vegan, cruelty-free hair care that contains zero parabens because we’re big believers in the idea that taking out the less helpful ingredients and replacing them with more of the good, natural stuff is the first step to genuine hair health.

Choosing the right paraben-free products for your hair

Take Love Beauty and Planet’s Sulfate-Free Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf Shampoo. Not only is it super gentle, it’s infused with hemp seed oil along with coconut oil. This helps it nourish hair from within and leave locks incredibly glossy. Paraben-free, dye-free and silicone-free, it contains 93% naturally-derived ingredients to gently cleanse the hair without ever stripping it. It’s especially ideal for anyone struggling with scalp irritation or dryness.

For hair that’s more damaged, or curly or coily, Love Beauty and Planet’s Sulfate-Free Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Shampoo is like the oasis in the desert you’ve been dreaming about.

Containing 93% naturally-derived ingredients and zero parabens, it hydrates hair with coconut milk that not only injects immediate nourishment and moisture, but also locks it in. Coconut milk also has natural inflammatory properties, which can calm any stressed or irritated scalps – something that’s commonly seen after wearing braids, weaves or extensions for extended periods of time.

Like all Love Beauty and Planet ingredients, the coconut milk & jasmine are ethically sourced, we never harm local ecosystems or communities when collecting natural ingredients.

Happy hair and a happier planet really is something we can achieve.

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