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Why beauty editors are talking about murumuru butter for hair

Why beauty editors are talking about murumuru butter for hair

Why Beauty Editors Are All Talking About Murumuru Butter For Hair

If your strands are in need of a little TLC, allow us to introduce you to murumuru butter

Sitting alongside some of the greatest and most well-known hair ingredients – from argan oil and shea butter to charcoal and coconut oil – comes another plant-based savior that, although potentially new to you, is one that beauty editors, experts and insiders can’t stop raving about. The ingredient in question? Murumuru butter.

If you haven’t heard of it, trust us when we tell you that you’re far from alone, but get ready to hear its name cropping up all over the place from now on. Murumuru butter is an ingredient treasured for its miracle-working properties, and while it’s excellent at protecting skin against dryness, it’s the ultra-nourishing, softening, color-protecting, strengthening hair benefits we want to talk to you about.

What is murumuru butter?

A little bit of background info: murumuru butter is made from the white fruit fats found in murumuru nuts, which fall from palm trees that grow across wet soils, swaps and basins at the mouth of the Amazon river in Brazil. Those nuts are then collected by locals before being turned into butter that has the most satisfyingly creamy, soft texture. In some ways it’s not that different to coconut oil in that it’s packed with mega hair and skin benefits.

The benefits of murumuru butter

With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, murumuru butter can help soothe both sensitive and irritated skin, working to seal in much-needed moisture. But when it comes to caring for hair, murumuru butter has mega-watt moisturizing powers that not only protect strands but also help lock in moisture. It’s a rich, emollient ingredient that’s packed with vitamins and omegas; both of which are essential when it comes to ensuring hair is healthy. That’s why it works wonders when it's used in beauty formulas: our shampoos and conditioners, infused with murumuru butter keep hair soft, shiny and always looking its best. 

It’s also a great ingredient for maintaining the look and feel of curly hair – in its raw form, it has quite a thick texture and it’s this thickness that helps maintain the elasticity and definition that kinks, coils and waves love. Dry hair can benefit from it, too, because murumuru butter can treat dry and damaged hair, as well as helping to improve the overall strength and reduce breakage while brushing and styling… protecting against split ends and other damage. Phew! It all sounds pretty impressive, right? But that’s not all – it can even help boost color vibrancy, and that’s exactly why all our murumuru butter-infused formulas are perfect for dyed, dry or frizzy hair.

The best hair products containing murumuru butter

Now that we’ve convinced you murumuru butter is a must-have on your shower shelf, here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate it. First is Love Beauty and Planet’s Murumuru Butter & Rose Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Suitable for color-treated hair, both products are formulated with murumuru butter from the Amazon and ethically sourced rose oil from Bulgaria. The shampoo cleanses, softens and protects hair and ensures vibrant color wash after wash, and the conditioner absorbs into hair without weighing it down, providing an intense hit of hydration. 
Together they ensure hair looks radiant and healthy-looking, minimal effort required. Plus, as with all our products, they’re both free of parabens, silicones, dyes and are formulated without phthalates.

Then there’s Love Beauty and Planet’s Water-Free Murumuru Butter & Rose Dry Shampoo, which is perfect for water-free cleansing, whether that’s post-spin class or while you’re on the go. It’s formulated with natural tapioca starch to absorb oil and freshen up hair. Finally, there’s Love Beauty and Planet’s Water-Free Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo Bar; also made with Amazoian murumuru butter, it cleanses hair without drying it out, working to moisturize hair and gives it a sleek, glossy-looking finish. 

And now you’ve been introduced, we hope you and murumuru butter have a long, happy, prosperous relationship.

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