This 5-in-1 benefit, biotin conditioner works with the pairing sulfate free shampoo as a system to offer five rejuvenating benefits for your hair: deeply cleanses, provides hydration, strengthens, creates visible fullness, and leaves hair soft and shiny. Infused with plant based detanglers, this paraben free conditioner is also made with natural coconut oil, ethically sourced Mandarin, and vegan biotin for hair rejuvenation.

Enjoy voluptuous tresses while the citrusy, fresh Moodscentz™ fragrance of sun-kissed mandarin uplifts your mood and evokes happy feelings to bring positive energy to your day. We work with our fragrance partner to ethically source our fragrance of fresh mandarin from the Pink Valley in Italy. This unique, radiant and sparkling sun-kissed mandarin oil scent with Moodscentz™ fragrance is proven to evoke feelings of joy, optimism and boosting positivity.

• You know it - after shampooing, spread through your gorgeous wet locks, avoid the roots, and rinse. 
• Go easy on the tap.

Infused with Vegan Biotin and Sun-Kissed Mandarin, this mandarin conditioner works as a system with the pairing biotin shampoo for five rejuvenating hair benefits.