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tracing our footprints with honesty

We take our impact on the planet very seriously, so we’ll leverage our world-class sustainability analytics to track and publish our greenhouse gas, waste, and water footprints in creating our beauty products with the hope that we can make everyone who wants to be a part of our journey aware and inspired. We are determined to reduce the carbon emissions through our commitment to new technologies and formats.

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creating a carbon tax fund

We track our greenhouse gas emissions across every stage of production and distribution, and charge ourselves a Carbon Tax that goes into our Carbon Tax Fund. This ensures we have a tangible incentive to reduce our carbon impact on the planet as we continue to evaluate what we make and how we make it.

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using the carbon tax fund

We contribute $40 per carbon ton to a carbon tax fund which goes to support third party programs that help reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste. We are working on partnerships that help use our fund to encourage higher recycling rates and set up recycling in communities.

We will soon share more details as we go along the way.