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loving the planet should never stop with just a few of us

Let's join together with small acts of love for the planet, in every town and city across the country, every day. One special act of love for the planet? Partner with Ashoka, the world's home of changemakers. Together with each of you, we're excited to champion a beautiful future for our planet!

Changemakers Alexa, Jessica, and Whitney will kick off our journey. We're thrilled to discover, support, and fund their ideas for reducing waste and hope you will be too. We're also deeply inspired by their comittment to live lightly and champion our earth.

And as we journey onward, we'll want to hear from you! What will your small acts of love for the planet be?

meet the changemakers

alexa green

alexa green


Small Act: Standardizing recycling labels across America

Growing up along Miami’s world-famous beaches, Alexa Green turned her passion for nature into her life’s work. The Director of National Outreach at Recycle Across America Open in new window Alexa is on a mission to standardize recycling labels across the country and save tons of recyclables from ending up in landfills.

Most recently, she’s championed a partnership with the National Parks System, which led to adoption of standardized labels in several national parks.

jessica schreiber

jessica schreiber


Small Act: Reducing waste in the fashion industry

After witnessing the fashion industry’s waste firsthand, Jessica Schreiber pioneered a system of recycling and reuse with her startup
FABSCRAP Open in new window .

Since then, she’s partnered with over 100 brands to responsibly and conveniently collect their discarded materials and process them for use in insulation, new fabric, or new garments.

Whitney Jaye

whitney jaye


Small Act: Minimizing waste in the local food system

Whitney Jaye is a champion at establishing a resourceful, sustainable, and waste-free lifestyle in the underserved communities of Atlanta.

Through her work as a Farmer-in-Residence at the Urban Conservation Training Institute Open in new window , she trains young people of color on sustainable agriculture, creating a closed loop system, and minimizing waste in the local food system.

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