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our goals

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sourcing ingredients responsibly

We feel happy about infusing our formulas with several ingredients like lavender, ylang ylang and vetiver that come only from certified sustainable sources. However, some of our ingredients are still not there yet so we are committed that everything we use in our products that is natural will be from certified sustainable sources by 2020.

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reducing waste

Our bottles are our pride and joy! Not only do they carry the fragrant and indulgent formulas that work wonders on your hair and skin, but also because we make most of these beautiful bottles from 100% recycled plastic. While most of our bottles are made with 100% recycled content, our caps and pumps are not. Yet. That’s why we’re committing to move all our caps and pumps to use at least 50% recycled plastic by 2020 and improve as we go ahead. Fingers crossed, we will get there!

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saving water

We have some pretty brilliant scientists. In their goal towards making you and the planet a little more beautiful, they designed rich, high-quality conditioners with fast-rinse conditioner technology. Because it helps break down the conditioner faster when it comes in contact with water, this patent-pending, fast-rinse technology can help you save some water every time you shower—if you're mindful and go easy on the tap! While we have cracked this technology on conditioners, we don’t feel that’s enough, so we commit to making 100% of our shampoos fast-rinse, too, by 2020.

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counting our footprints with honesty

We’ll always be transparent and open about our carbon footprint and as part of that commitment we will not only disclose our annual carbon emissions through the production and distribution of our products – and the calculations we take to get there – but also self-impose a “tax” on the carbon we create while making our products. Our goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% before 2020.

We contribute $40 per carbon ton to a carbon tax fund which then supports programs that help to reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste. We are working on partnerships that help use our fund to encourage higher recycling rates and set up recycling communities. While we encourage you to partner with us to give a little more love to the planet by doing your small acts, we are also determined to reduce the carbon emissions through consumer use through our commitment to new technologies and formats. Stay tuned!

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love beauty and people for the planet project

We believe in the potential and power of small actions. Through our partnership with Ashoka, we are supporting the mission and vision of three young environmental activists, enabling them to keep working on their goals towards the planet. By 2020, we commit to doubling our support for planet lovers and to keep helping them transform their passion to impact.

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to brave & benevolent beauty

Our love for beauty and the planet means we need to work towards good products that make you look beautiful and give a little love to the planet. We are committing ourselves to at least 3 new product innovations by 2020 that enhance the beauty of your hair and skin and those that continue our little acts of love for the planet too.