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World Oceans Day

Celebrate World Oceans Day with Love Beauty and Planet

What is World Oceans Day?

World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8th each year and inspires and connects people worldwide to protect and restore the ocean—an amazing resource that we all depend on. This movement initially began in 2002 and since then many organizations around the world have collaboratively worked in partnership from all sectors to help rally the world and continue to grow engagement and action for our shared ocean throughout the year.

This World Oceans Day, Love Beauty and Planet has decided to join the movement by launching their new and exclusive beauty and personal care line of products packaged in bottles made from ocean bound plastic as well as partnering with the Surfrider Foundation and their sister brand, Love Home and Planet, to sponsor 26 beach clean ups and donate $250,000 back towards protecting our oceans. Read on to learn more about these new and exciting initiatives.

Americans Together

Limited Time Only!
Clean Oceans Edition Line

What is “Ocean-Bound Plastic”?

While ocean plastic refers to plastic waste found in the ocean itself, ocean-bound plastic refers to plastic waste along coastlines, beaches and waterways that will likely end up in the oceans. Love Beauty and Planet sourced ocean bound plastic collected within 10 miles of the coastline to create the bottles for this exclusive line of products.

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Are the bottles within the Clean Oceans Edition line made from recycled ocean bound plastic?

Yes! All of the bottles within the Clean Oceans Edition are made from 100% ocean bound, PCR plastic.

Four ocean bound products

Why is there ocean-bound plastic in the first place? Don’t most countries offer recycling programs?

Recyclability depends greatly on individual municipalities, and therefore varies across the country. Recycling is an example of where more collaboration is needed amongst many parties to create a sustainable future. Governments, NGOs and companies need to collaborate to build infrastructure and to promote waste recycling and recovery. Recycling ocean-bound plastic is one of the ways we are working with partners to continue to innovate on this issue and help lessen our overall environmental footprint for a better planet.

Partnership with
The Surfrider Foundation

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Small Acts of Love Through Our Surfrider Partnership

Love Beauty and Planet is on a journey to make the planet a little cleaner, greener and more beautiful, and that includes our oceans. We believe this starts with small acts that can add up to a big difference, whether that’s making bottles out of 100% recycled plastic or reducing our carbon footprint and supporting organizations dedicated to doing good for the planet like The Surfrider Foundation. We love The Surfrider Foundation’s commitment to protecting our ocean through small acts that add up to a big impact. Love Beauty and Planet and Love Home and Planet are together donating $250,000 to protecting our oceans through The Surfrider Foundation.

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How is The Surfrider Foundation helping Love Beauty and Planet achieve its green goals?

This World Oceans Day, Love Beauty and Planet and Love Home and Planet are partnering with The Surfrider Foundation to organize 26 beach cleanups with nearly 5,000 people nationwide to help remove waste from our beaches that could end up in the ocean. Teaming up with The Surfrider Foundation supports our core goal of showing how small acts of love for the planet can make a big difference. Through our beach cleanup initiatives, we are leaving behind a cleaner, greener and more beautiful planet.

Love Beauty and Planet and Love Home and Planet are together donating $250,000 to protecting our oceans through
The Surfrider Foundation.


To learn more about World Oceans Day and how you can join in with Surfrider Foundation to protect the world’s oceans head on over to their page