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For the most fabulous way to chill out after a long day, drop one of our heavenly scented bath bombs into the tub and let the fizz do its thing. Whether you love Coconut, Murumuru Butter or our ultra-relaxing Lavender bath bombs, pampering skin care has never been more instagrammable…

love relaxing, love bath bombs

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murumuru butter & rose

Here's a go-to for keeping skin smooth and supple. Our formulas infused with Amazonian murumuru butter, which is known to be highly moisturizing, provide a healthy-looking gloss, plus a fragrant kiss of nature from the handpicked Bulgarian rose petal.

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coconut water & mimosa flower

Sounds like brunch, right? Trust us, it’s just as good. We’ve incorporated coconut water, known as a lightweight moisturizer, into blends that make skin soft. The fresh and delicious absolute of honey-scented mimosa flower further enhances the experience.

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argan oil & lavender

Relax and feel at ease with two of the planet’s finest essential oils. Luxurious Moroccan argan oil and heirloom French lavender, together, form a natural elixir that’s known to soothe skin, all while calming the spirit and mind.

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