black tea kombucha

black tea kombucha

What is Black Tea Kombucha?

what is black tea kombucha?

Black tea kombucha is essentially a fermented tea, and in the case of our range of Kombucha hair products – fermented black tea. Known for its rejuvenating properties, Kombucha has been used for centuries in China due to its rich prebiotic and antioxidant potential. The many benefits of kombucha, from helping with digestion to treating sensitive skin, all come from its abundant antioxidant composition. Full of microorganisms, black tea kombucha can help fight against bad bacteria and help restore and rebalance your equilibrium.

Kombucha Hair Benefits

kombucha hair benefits

The power of probiotics doesn’t stop at beverages or foods. The budding popularity of black tea kombucha is beginning to shed light onto the many different uses of kombucha for hair too, and the many hair benefits kombucha can provide. Black tea kombucha for hair is known to help balance pH levels within the hair fiber itself, restore your hair’s color pigments and stimulate hair follicles. The anti-inflammatory potential of kombucha may also improve issues with a sensitive scalp. Black tea has been sought out in hair care regimens due to its revitalizing and clarifying qualities, particularly the ability to help strengthen and nourish weak strands and prevent split ends.

Black Tea Kombucha for Hair

black tea kombucha for hair

Kombucha for hair is a must-try ingredient for anyone looking for revitalized, clarified and shiny hair. Sourced from black tea leaves and then fermented to reveal its antibacterial potential, kombucha benefits hair due to its antioxidant and probiotic composition. Geared particularly for dull hair in need of a clarifying detox and shine, black tea kombucha helps add life to parched, dry strands. We love the power of probiotics and the many benefits of good bacteria that comes with fermented ingredients. That’s why we’ve infused our clarifying and nourished shine collection with natural black tea kombucha.