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From the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to the deserts of Morocco, we've found the planet's finest, ethically-sourced essential oils that will delightfully pamper and indulge your senses.

sandalwood chips


Sandalwood Australia


(Santalum spicatum)

After waiting 10-15 years for each tree to mature, perfumers use steam distillation, a 50-hour process, to extract sandalwood’s precious essential oil, which exudes a resinous top note reminiscent of myrrh that evolves into creamy, exotic and woody balsamic notes.

We source this ingredient from our partner Givaudan, who was the first fragrance house to secure a sustainable source of sandalwood from Australia. Their sourcing programme promotes a specific grade of sandalwood oil that is harvested by Aboriginal communities. A premium is paid for the supply of the indigenous grade oil, which is passed to the harvesters. Explore the full collection here .

pile of roses




(Rosa demascena)

Our rose absolute comes from rose grown in the breath-taking Rose Valley of Bulgaria, and are handpicked in the morning and the petals are quickly processed to ensure a pure, pristine fragrance. The resulting fragrance, Rose Absolute, exudes a rich and warm floral note which is much more honey-like than oil.

This source of rose absolute is part of our partner Givaudan’s responsible sourcing program, whereby they collaborate with local producers to enhance supply chain transparency and to achieve high standards in health and safety, social, environmental and business integrity practices. Explore the full collection here.

Ylang Ylang Flowers

ylang ylang



(Cananga Odorata)

Much loved by perfumers for its lively, solar, and rich tones, ylang ylang lends a floral, jasmine-like, powdery facet with overtones of fruit and spice to the fragrance. The yellow flowers, richer in essential oil than green flowers, are handpicked early in the morning and immediately distilled to keep their purest scent.

Our partner, Givaudan, works to sustain the purest quality of the essential oil by supporting the upgrading of distillation equiptment to improve energy efficiency, and lowering the impact on the local environment by replanting trees used as fuelwood for distillation, while also supporting local education with school supplies. Explore the full collection here.

lavender flowers




(Lavandula angustifolia)

This luxurious lavender comes from the breath-taking fields of France, where generation after generation of farmer has passed their precious knowledge down the family tree for hundreds of years. We adore lavender oil for its soft, flowery, and fruity notes that round off with sweet balsamic notes.

The problem is, lavender isn’t the most hardy plant out there and is susceptible to disease and insects. That’s why our partner Givaudan supports research aiming at protecting this precious flower from pests and disease. Explore the full collection here.

Vetiver plant




(Vetiveria Zizanioides)

A woody dry vetiver with earthy, smoky and nut inflections. Vetiver can be sourced from different parts of the world, but Haitian vetiver is considered by perfumers as the most refined and best balanced vetiver.

Our partner, Givaudan, collaborates with a local cooperative in Haiti of over 260 vetiver farmers across three villages in the area of Les Cayes. A major part of this program includes paying farmers a premium and pouring profits back into community development projects like roads, better access to health care, sanitation, and electricity.

Mimosa Flowers

mimosa flower



(Acacia Decurrens)

The powerful, rich, and long lasting green floral mimosa note, reminiscent of aspects of Indian jasmine, is supported by a distinctive powdery cinnamic honey background and a fruity cassis raspberry facet.

Mimosa flowers are handpicked from the branches of the Mimosa plant. The mimosa flower absolute is obtained by extracting the heart notes of the flower petals whereas classic mimosa absolutes are made of flowers, leaves and branches.

This source of mimosa absolute is part of our partner Givaudan’s responsible sourcing program, whereby they collaborate with local producers to enhance supply chain transparency and to achieve high standards in health and safety, social, environmental and business integrity practices.

Tonka Bean

tonka bean


(Dipteryx Odorata)

We heart the elegant Tonka Bean fragrance, which is loved all over the world for its earthy, yet sweet, vanilla-like aroma. With irresistible undertones of caramel, our Tonka Beans fall from their flowering trees in late Spring, where they are gathered and dried for their indulgent, warm and utterly hypnotic scent.

Our Tonka Bean scent is ethically-sourced from the communities of the Caura River in Venezuela, through our fragrance house, Givaudan.

Clove Leaf

clove leaf



(Syzygium Aromaticum)

Distinctly warm and spicy, Clove Leaf also has gorgeously soft, powdery notes that make its herb-like, musk aroma oh-so hypnotic. Our Clove Leaf is lovingly processed through careful distillation, then steamed, for a truly pure and pristine fragrance.

Ethically-sourced from Madagascar, our Clove Leaf oil is harvested through our fragrance partner, Givaudan. 

White Jasmine

white jasmine


(Jasminum Grandiflorum)

Intensely floral and sweet, yet uniquely delicate and calming, the White Jasmine flower is pure elegance. A radiant bouquet of warm base notes, we are obsessed with White Jasmine and the way it’s scent blossoms into a fresh and uplifting fragrance.

Our distinct fragrance comes from the Egyptian White Jasmine plant, and its sweet, fragrant flowers that are lovingly hand-picked. Our flowers are then carefully treated and purified, to capture the heart of the White Jasmine flower, and to ensure a truly premium scent.

Patchouli Oil

patchouli oil


(Pogostemon Cablin)

Our luxurious Patchouli Oil comes from the fragrant leaves of the exotic Patchouli plant, grown in the mountainous Island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Heady, smoky and oh-so-sumptuous, the Patchouli fragrance is an addictive mix of woody notes with sweet, musky undertones, which evoke an earthy, yet feminine vibe.

We ethically-source our Patchouli essence from our fragrance partner, Givaudan. In doing so, we support over 800 Patchouli farmers who lovingly harvest, distil and redistil the Patchouli leaves all year round, for the purest Patchouli Oil.

Eucalyptus plant



(Eucalyptus Globulus Labill)

Cool, fresh and ever so green, eucalyptus for hair is loved for its energizing and therapeutic scent. With over 500 varieties, this leafy plant can be found growing in the Pacific region and we adore it’s naturally powerful, herby notes, for a truly invigorating fragrance that leaves you feeling oh so fresh.

Ethically sourced from China, our eucalyptus oil for hair is harvested from September to February, through our fragrance partner, Givaudan. The precious, aromatic oils are extracted by hydrodistillation of the green, aromatic leaves to capture the purest, most vibrant notes. Explore the full collection here.

Bergamot fruit



(Citrus Aurantium Var. b=Bergamia)

With its bittersweet, fruity-floral notes and mild, spicy undertones, bergamot for hair gives an elegantly complex scent that leaves you feeling utterly invigorated. Carefully extracted from the citrus fruit that grows on small, evergreen trees, its essential oil has a beautifully fresh, yet zesty fragrance.

Through our fragrance partner, Givaudan, our gorgeous bergamot essential oil for hair is distilled by cold expression of the fruit, which grows in Italy between November and March. To obtain the essence, the ripe peel is carefully zested under running water, then separated. Explore the full collection here.

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