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Vegan Biotin & Sun-kissed Mandarin

vegan biotin & sun-kissed mandarin

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Looking for all-in-one care for beautiful hair? Our vegan biotin shampoo and conditioner with sun-kissed mandarin is a 5-in-1, multi-benefit solution that deeply cleanses, provides hydration, strengthens, creates visible fullness and leaves hair soft and shiny.

Vegan biotin is a multi-benefit ingredient that adds rejuvenating benefits for voluptuous tresses. This impressive ingredient is part of the vitamin B family, and it plays a big role in hair health. Biotin helps improve overall body function and the production of certain proteins that make up our hair, skin and nails – and has been used to help with hair growth, adding thickness and shine.

Uplift your senses with the sun-kissed radiance of juicy mandarin. This citrusy scent lends a fruity freshness to our hair care line and is designed with Moodscentz™ technology, which means it’s proven to lift your mood and evoke happy feelings to bring positive energy to your day!

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