vegan biotin

vegan biotin

What is Biotin?

what is biotin?

Biotin is a buzzword gaining tons of traction as a healthy ingredient infused in many different types of health products, like vitamins and supplements. What is biotin really, and what is biotin good for? Biotin is a multi-benefit ingredient part of the vitamin B family, known for its wide-ranging health benefits on hair and skin. We need biotin in our bodies to help convert energy, manage hair health, and regulate our normal body functions. While found naturally in food, replenishing the biotin in our body is an important step to regulating our vitamin levels that can ultimately help keep our hair, skin and bodies strong, balanced and healthy. A key vitamin to maintain a balanced, holistic well-being, we’ve infused vegan biotin into our multi-benefit line of healthy hair shampoo and conditioner products for women.

Biotin Hair Benefits

biotin hair benefits

Biotin is known to help develop strong and healthy hair by cleansing the hair of impurities and fortifying the hair follicle from within. Biotin for hair growth has also gained popularity, with research suggesting biotin benefits hair by preventing the vitamin deficiencies that can lead to hair thinning. Biotin hair benefits include strengthening the hair fiber, replenishing hydration, repairing against damage caused by heat tools, and can even help with adding more fullness and bounce to your hair.

Vegan Biotin for Hair

vegan biotin for hair

Achieve fuller, thicker and more resilient hair with the help of Biotin. We’ve infused vegan biotin for hair into our hair products for the multi-benefit potential this powerhouse ingredient can provide. We also use vegan biotin in our Hair Vitamin Gummies, like our Berry Extraordinary Supplements, to help promote healthy hair growth and stronger nails too!