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Coconut Pieces

coconut oil

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    Several open coconuts

    What is Coconut Oil?

    Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a natural moisturizer, but there’s way more to this nourishing ingredient than you may think. Coconut oil infused products are a must-have because this natural ingredient can work wonders. This hair-loving ingredient is rich in vitamin E and the good fatty acids. Our coconut oil hair products source this wondrous ingredient from the Philippines, where the locals refer to the coconut palm as the “tree of life” due to the endless list of coconut oil uses.

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    Person cutting open a coconut

    Coconut Oil for Hair

    There’s no denying the surge in coconut oil hair products hitting the shelves recently. That’s because the benefits of coconut oil for hair are catching on, from its moisturizing properties to its ability to help soften dry strands. Women everywhere love using coconut oil for hair because it adds supreme nourishment to combat dullness. Coconut oil hair products, like our Love Beauty and Planet Hope & Repair collection infused with natural coconut oil for hair and Ylang Ylang extract, work to revive dull hair with this loving ingredient known to moisturize.

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    Coconut with glass of coconut oil

    Coconut Oil Benefits

    The uses of coconut oil are abounding. While many women have different ways on how to use coconut oil on hair, the result is consistently oh-so nourishing. Coconut oil conditions dry hair, adds shine to dull strands, helps support healthy hair growth, and can even work to tame frizz. Coconut oil hair products also work to repair damaged hair, making it a natural means to help you embrace your glow.

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