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blue green algae plant

blue green algae

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    Blue green algae plant

    What is blue green algae

    Blue green algae is packed with nutritional value, loaded with proteins and vitamins known for their benefits on hair and skin. Give your hair a boost of marine moisture with our new collection infused with blue green algae. Picked for its moisturizing properties, our algae shampoo has a unique formula that helps bring strands back to life with the benefit of these water-blooming greens.

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    blue green power heart

    blue green algae benefits

    Who knew water-blooming algae was packed with benefits on hair and skin? Filled with minerals, blue green algae doesn’t just look fresh and vibrant, it adds plant-personality to our haircare collection. Blue green algae benefits hair and skin with its amino and fatty acid composition that works to moisturize hair and reduce skin inflammation. We’ve included it in our formula to help moisturize locks and leave hair feeling renewed. Here are some blue green algae benefits that make this nutritional water-plant a routine essential:

    • Retains hair moisture
    • Renews hair follicles
    • Decelerates skin aging
    • Alleviates allergy symptoms
    • Heightens immune system
    • Revitalizes skin for a youthful glow

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    blue green algae powder

    what makes algae shampoo so great

    Blue green algae is a fast-growing, super-adaptable plant that grows on the surface of water. It’s popped up in the news for its dietary benefits and is packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants –some of the pros that make it a sure-fire addition to smoothies and our haircare. Blue green algae uses for hair and skin make it the perfect addition to your haircare regimen.

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